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Download T2K Mod + Battlefront 4.0 FILES! HERE!
So I'm testing out 1fx mod that is running on most SOF2 servers now  :o

The good!
This should give us a somewhat updated server its but keep in mind its modified allot to give the patrons the regular battlefront style.

The Bad!
I'm sure I will make a ton more adjustments before i'm done  

Here is some new files for clients or server users to have

UPDATE ONLY!! 4-29-2014 please only use this file to update your game if  you haven't downloaded anything yet please download full version bellow instead. This update will add a few more features and fix some very minor bugs
to install update simply unzip/extract into your game .. answer yes to overwrite files

.zip (Size: 24.5 MB / Downloads: 878)

1) This is what I would recommend using... this file will give you anti-cheat and the server sounds
and now T2K Client Side Mod required to make the anti-cheat work properly

.zip   T2KClient (Size: 978.69 KB / Downloads: 792)
To install simply unzip the file or extract it to your main SOF2 Game folder whatever that might be  
eg C:\programfiles\Sof2\   ....etc  

*directions are the same to update it will only add new required files if you need to overwrite files please chose yes!*

2) If you already have rpm and or anti-cheat  go for this file

To install simply unzip the file or extract it to your RPM folder

About the update
the new update adds features to your game and fixes some scoreboard issues ... again to install just simply extract the files into your game folder

*** Installation notes ***
So far its been confirmed that the dll packer used in the anticheat file is being mistakenly reported as a trogen virus. This only effects norton antivirus so far . Other antivirus software detect the file as clean because it is.

Once installed correctly your game should come up and look like this

.zip (Size: 22.88 MB / Downloads: 462)
[Image: atbsig.gif][Image: rk51zq.jpg]
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