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Server down
Hello clan.  The server has been down going on its third day.  I hope everything is ok, this is very usual to be down this long.  If someone has more information about when the server will be up again, please post.


Having tons of fun playing with my clan...
You guys can play on our SC server while yours is out no problem other than we do not have bots.
[Image: dptk0i.jpg]
The owner must be busy or away because it's still not up.
[Image: 2uho7q9.gif]
[Image: bdnyvo-1.jpg]
I certainly do not know, but I think that maybe they're doing an update or something like that, hopefully I'll be online again soon. Talk to Alex on facebook to get information.
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Oh okey pense que ya se habia acabado sof 2 :v

Oh, I thought it was over, sof 2: v
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SC will always be around, you guys can visit anytime we had good action today.
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