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Radio and me
Calentando un rato con Radio 

Warming up with Radio

No saben lo que nos costo sacar la primer bandera jajaja habian mas personas en el server :v 

We do not know what cost us to get the banner card hahaha there were more people on the server: v

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[Image: 30c6npl.gif]
Good team work

Buen trabajo en equipo

good job guys!
[Image: rys01.jpg]
Good job
Young boy with old man then we decided to bring jano across in our team lol
[Image: j8l369.png]

[Image: 2dt3yo2.png]
(01-08-2019, 06:36 AM)<(T2K)> Radio Wrote: Jovem rapaz com o velho então decidimos trazer o jano através do nosso time lol

LoL old man

Ps: u still playing like a young man

No fresh sardines for you!!!
Good Game
[Image: 2uho7q9.gif]
[Image: bdnyvo-1.jpg]

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