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I'm leaving the clan for good now.
I 've been thinking a lot lately and i cant be in this clan no more.
I dont like it, because we don't scrim, we don't care(only for our selves) admins(so even the hc) abuse there powers.
People get accused or banned for no reason. To many inactive players WE DONT FIXED ANYTHING.
Members lying to each other. This is not the clan im looking for.
Im not the kind of person that is gonna kiss asses to get somewhere.
I dont care no more for this clan i know some of you are happy now.
Happy that im leaving because you one of the ass kiss crawlers haha

goodbye you are right about some things that you said
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Seems u insisting on that but we need to keep in touch cause our scrims will never end send me a pm with anyway I can get you, not gonna say good bye cause we're a team
Achieve ur dreams ... Crash others
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Well hope you still play SOF because we will all miss you.
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nothing, you already made a decision, good luck friend

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Get over yourself ok u have done alot of things against our clan rules and i was just following my clan rules one u dont disrespect admins in any clan ok also get it rite i was the one to give admin to wonka by mistake ok then i removed it so again half the story good luck with ur choices and by the way i got no problem with u aslong as u abide by the the way the reason i muted u in the first place was because u were puting alot of shit on our clan and our server aswel as tramp and atb so stop only saying part of the story then after i muted u started telling me to F off so im only doing what any other S admin would do in my position.................
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Sad goodbye and good luck
[Image: rys01.jpg]
I feel sorry for you. You lost more than you could get. Maybe you're a hero here, but you're down to me. What u write here its not true.It is only true that I am the idiot who defended you. And that was a mistake. You did not deserve it.U can blocked me on FB, but here u cant. And I do not understand why you go to the forum when everyone is stupid and lying.
[Image: IMG][Image: attachment.php?aid=2921]

What is not true about what i write here? Tell me......
I only respond to what people say cuz its entertaining to me.
You defended me? You the guy that banned me and said hc decision and the next thing you say to me was "it wasn't my decision"........ lmao only 3 people decided that day you, mistiq, r@dio. So dont come at me like i ain't speaking the truth.
Dont try to play a victim.
Glad to hear you going to keep playing.
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