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I am out
(10-07-2018, 03:43 PM)<(T2K)>AD Wrote: I'll play in the server cock fun won't ENd xD

Thanks for that, hope to see you soon! Smile
[Image: dptk0i.jpg]
why?!!! Sad please AD u dont need leave.
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[Image: 79aa92cc202ac3dfff3058204d40267a.gif]
[Image: VY9cF0N]

Shut up jared I won't leave I must ban all fanatics then i'll leave hahahaha
Achieve ur dreams ... Crash others
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Yeah, AD is an Old Senior Member, only way he leaves is if you cart him away, lol.
[Image: dptk0i.jpg]
to naprawdę facet, który zawsze miał problem
Szkoda, że wyjeżdżasz, fajnie było odpalić sobie głowę hahahahhaha
powodzenia AD
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