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-=*(Tournament Begins)*=-
I created a new group on whats app.T2K Tournament.You can talk there when you want to play and who to play with.I need phone is 12 players.
My whats app number:+420 777217902
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only match played yet !!?
Will we play one match every year!?
"I love those who can smile in trouble"
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If you do not know who to play against, it's sad.Do not know what we would do for you.I'm disappointed with you.Austin made vouchers and medals, Gendy made groups and idk and you can not talk about ????Are you a clan ???????????i made fot u whats app groups and messenger groups and nothing??????I'll wait for one week and then send the money to AD and Gendy.And I ended up with you!!!!!!!!!You are hurting me
[Image: IMG][Image: attachment.php?aid=2921]

I apologize for not playing yet, I'm on evaluations so I keep myself busy.I lost my game folder with everything in it, my maps and tools. When I finished my school work, I'll download the game again. I ask a little patience, I really want to play but the circumstances do not leave me. THANKS!!
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Ya quiero que empiece Big Grin
Hi bros. Someone can play this friday night?   9:00pm to 1:00 am Mexico City hour?   Big Grin
nice :Big GrinD

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