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New Exhaust for my Connie
I was thinking about having my ECU flashed to get rid of the 155 mph speed limiter, so I decided to get a new exhaust first.
From what I read about the Delkevic DS 70 it was supposed to be loud, but after installing its not.
You can not even hear it at highway speeds and I can just barely hear it when doing turns while down shifting, but it is louder than stock and is supposed to get me 10 more hp so I should have around 150 hp at the rear wheel.  The bike seems to handle and shift better but maybe just in my mind, I am really happy right now and not sure if I will still flash my ECU because I will never do 170+ mph.  My Vulcan 800 with Cobra pipes is much louder, but I like the new exhaust. Wife said I should take out my ear plugs.
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Thanks Bro,
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