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do you need to download the game?
If you are looking to download the game again, to try different folders, you can do it here:

-6 totally different files, they are only download of sof 2 full

Si necesitas volver a instalar el juego, o probar otras carpetas del juego, puedes hacerlo desde aquí, implica solamente para sof2 full

- 6 archivos totalmente diferentes alojados en servidores confiables, links directos sin publicidad.

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[Image: rys01.jpg]
gracias rayas, yo e buscado como descargar de nuevo el juego pero no encuentro jeje, muy buen post
[Image: cooltext309312405742017.png]
[Image: 79aa92cc202ac3dfff3058204d40267a.gif]
[Image: VY9cF0N]

Rayas, I do not have Jor_1 map where can I down load these original maps.
[Image: dptk0i.jpg]
Rayas, I went to your link and found it, very nice, thanks!
[Image: dptk0i.jpg]
Hi the cock, im glad that it has been helpful ill update the content of website soon adding some extra files. Big Grin
[Image: rys01.jpg]

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