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Playing with a legend
Had the pleasure of meeting and playing with the legend Radio.  He rocks and so does in son Jacob.  Also, played a little with Shady he always rocks. I will be back on later.. Wife virus caught up with me. lol. Undecided Undecided
Radio is a legend? Omg it's not April bro
Achieve ur dreams ... Crash others
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(06-24-2018, 03:01 PM)<(T2K)>AD Wrote: Radio is a legend? Omg it's not April bro

lol.  We both started playing years ago...
Legend sounds like Old used to be.
Hope to see Radio gaming again soon, its been awhile.
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im always in the server bro the cock old man will play till cant play any more any way ty for the legen part lol i feel that the Gold 2 represents the legens of our server also represents the high council of forum.......................
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