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wanna join[accepted]
+I want my name in SOF2: sL!cK
+What is you real name: Mike

+Where are you from: USA

+your age: 49

+Email or Messenger: email

+What is you name in Facebook:none

+What language do you speak: English

+Experience in SOF2: played 15 yrs ago pretty hard and just reinstalled the game

+Your Ex Clans: ~ATS~

+You have a type of RPM: 2.0 I think
+You have fairplay: yes

+Numbers Guide of fairplay:yes

+Who do you know in: Jacob_94, kitty, shady, 

+Finally, Have you Read the Rules and Recruitment: yes

+I want to join in clan because: a lot of great players and I want to learn and get better

+What is you name in Facebook:
+What language do you speak: Not good English
+Experience in SOF2: since 2009
+You have a type of RPM:
+You have fairplay: 

+Numbers Guide of fairplay:
+Who do you know in: 
+Finally, Have you Read the Rules and Recruitment: yes
+I want to join in clan because: wants to be better, a lot of great players
+Reason for joining: have fun, clan members 
Welcome and Goodluck,
great to see you took my invite

Read all rules and wait for 1 of the Ro's to reply to your
[Image: 2uho7q9.gif]
[Image: bdnyvo-1.jpg]
(06-16-2018, 10:07 PM)<(T2K)>J@Kob_94 Wrote: Welcome and Goodluck,
great to see you took my invite

Read all rules and wait for 1 of the Ro's to reply to your

Thanks buddy.  Looking forward to starting with T2K!
Welcoming a new <(TK)>:

Welcome! You made a good choice to try to join the family of T2K! Now you just have to be active in the forum, server and meet one of our new rules is that your vote can be opened not only needs 3 weeks with "TK" also have to have 20 post in the forum for we can see that you are really interested in our clan. Good luck and have fun.

´¨`'°ºoOo Time 2 Kill International GameCommunity oOoº°'´¨`

Welcome to our Clan's forum

Please take time to read and pay attention to this very important message!.

I want to say welcome on behalf of all our members of Time To Kill clan

Please read the rules and follow them at all times.

New Rule

This new rule has become operational because many are not very active in the forum weighing only have to be active on servers TIME 2 KILL CLAN but not so then we have implemented a new rule.

=》Have at least 20 post in the forum so that your vote can be open.

Please answer these questions:

+ What is your real name:
+ Where are you from:
+ Your age:
+ E-mail, Messenger, Facebook & Others:
+ Experience in SOF2:
+ What languages do you speak:
+ Witch RPM do you use:
+ Previous names:
+ What is your current name in SOF2:
+ Witch country are you from:
+ What's your name on Facebook:
+ Your Ex Clans:
+ DO you know any T2K clan members, if yes, who:
+ Have you read the rules and recruiting Process:
+ Why do you want to join the clan:

Optional Questions:

+ Do You have fairplay:
+ if yes what is your Fairplay Guid:

´¨`'°ºoO00Ooº°'´¨`´¨`'°ºo0-Section 1º-0oº°'´¨`´¨`'°ºoO00Ooº°'´¨`

°º¤ø0Important Topic's that will Help0ø¤º°

─═☆ Here you can understand more about our clan ☆═─
(How Join to T2K, how long you need to stay as a TK, or Private)

─═☆ Welcome and Rules ☆═─
(Rules Of This Forum, Mission Statement)

─═☆ Groups And Ranks ☆═─
(Groups and Ranks, witch colour 2 coresponds to witch squad/rank )

─═☆ Clan History ☆═─
(Clan History of T2K)

´¨`'°ºoO00Ooº°'´¨`´¨`'°ºo0-Section 2º-0oº°'´¨`´¨`'°ºoO00Ooº°'´¨`

* - This is how it will look in game: <(TK)>Yournamehere

* - With knowledge of all that has been said above, all you have to do now is remain active on both game and forums and be friendly to all players (members and non members)

* - Your post has been taken into consideration and we lookorward to seeing you around.

* - In the meantime, just have FUN!

Welcome to <(Time 2 Kill)> and Good Luck Friend
[b][b]Any question let us know and we will help[/b][/b]
"I love those who can smile in trouble"
[Image: OGT0Zuc.gif]
[Image: 154092113851391.png]
¨`'°ºoOo Time 2 Kill International Game Community oOoº°'´¨`

New Rule :

The High Council has decided to make using 1fx Anticheat (AC) an official rule, this means that all members of this clan including admins, leaders, HC members  ...etc will be using AC , this also means that all the TKs will follow this rule and if you want to join us, you follow our rules and install AC if you don't have it already .
if you have a problem running AC, report it and the clan members will help you fix it .

THE RO TEAM also decided not to call the vote for the TK unless he uses AC .

=》 Use 1fx AntiCheat (AC) in order to join the clan .

if you don't have AC and don't know what to do, Here's some topics that may help you install it :

AC instructions&Tutorial Click Here
Another topic for AC download Click Here

for knowing how to get RPM 2.1, Check this topic Here
Any RPM you want, you can find it in this topic Here

if you have any problem with AC, Report it and we will be helping you to fix it.

without further ado, I wish you best of Luck .
"I love those who can smile in trouble"
[Image: OGT0Zuc.gif]
[Image: 154092113851391.png]
welcome and good luck
[Image: awta3n.jpg]

[Image: w83lhv.jpg]
Good luck bro, and welcome Heart
[Image: cooltext309312405742017.png]
[Image: 79aa92cc202ac3dfff3058204d40267a.gif]
[Image: VY9cF0N]

welcome and good luck
[Image: ih8nsi.jpg]
welcome friend, I've seen you a lot on the server you're a good player
[Image: 2v94zd3.gif]

[Image: aom7pw.jpg]
bro good luck and welcome Smile

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