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This command will make your computer faster if it is running slow 
just type CMD on RUN in your start menu and type these commands 

Command1: Fsutil behavior query memoryusage

Command2: Fsutil behavior set memoryusage 2
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what is command.i dont understand.suka
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Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

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hahaha lol
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This is not recommended, I'm sorry to inform you my friend.This works well in increasing the speed of transaction of files in servers, doing this in daily use can have great consequences in the cache memory. If your computer works in a state that does not seem appropriate, the usual thing is to perform a broad and advanced preventive maintenance to computer hardware and software, to be able to solve the problem.

We can not execute commands that we found on the internet without having the knowledge of what they are for, or how these commands work.
Do you want to know how to perform preventive maintenance?, Here are some tips about it below:

Note: First of all, we need to see how much RAM our computer counts, and then see how much RAM we have in use. For this you can do it with the Windows Task Manager or in system information.

Obviously if you have less than 4Gb of RAM, there is the detail, it would be solved only by increasing more memory to the team, or releasing a little weight to the memory and that you can do it in the following way:

-Eliminate programs that you do not use, but be careful, you must first investigate what those programs are before deleting them, if you do not know what they are for.
-It frees hard disk space, in windows there is a tool called Disk Cleanup, with it you can do it without problem.
-Optimizes the hard drive, for this there is also a tool in windows called defragmenter.
-Delete temporary files that your programs leave or that are downloaded from the internet. just run the following commands: TEMP,% TEMP% and PREFETCH, and remove their contents.
-Look for problems in RAM, there is a tool in windows that does it for you, it is called "DIAGNOSTICAR MEMORY PROBLEMS IN THE EQUIPMENT", if the program finds a problem it will solve it for you.
-optimizes the RAM memory, for this there are reliable dedicated programs of pay on the internet.
-check the performance of the equipment, the speeds with which the processor and fans are working, for this there are dedicated tools such as SpeedFan.
-Empty the recycling paper and keep your computer protected with antivirus software, as well as scan the minimum equipment once per semester, or when you see that the PC is slow. This to look for and eliminate possible threats.
-If you do not know how to do it, go to a professional, most companies provide technical support remotely using media such as telephone or online chats. You can also go to your nearest center for advice or call a technician to go to your home.

I am a student in technical support of computer systems. Big Grin
Good luck and I send you a warm greeting.
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It is a temporary situation for me when I use the command
because I have old pc running windows xp and not much room
left on the drive I was looking at Youtube and I found this information
a while ago now .

thanks for info
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suka  Big Grin Big Grin

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Do you need the colour chart here is the link
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gj J@kobson Smile
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